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View of the installation at Anker, 10. 7. 2003


Concept eyemachine project
>> project 2002 (Quicktime-Movie, 4,3 MB)
>> project 2003 (Quicktime-Movie, 4,3 MB)

Since first of January 2002 I take several pictures of my face per day. Every time with stretched left arm, eyes fixed on the camera lens. I try to look into the camera without emotional expression on my face. I pick one selfportrait per day. The eyes (more precisely: the iris) get fixed onto the exact same spot within the picture frame. Then the daily selfportraits get animated chronologically into the movie with fine blending-phases. The constantly same position of the iris within the movie «attaches» the film, it builds up a certain stability for the film.
A time-lapse movie of my face is generated in which I grow older in different speed-intervalls (for example within 30 seconds I grow older one year/within 40 minutes I grow older one year).
This is a long term project. I started it in my 30th year, the duration of this project is open – theoretically «project» ends with my death.

>> project 2002 - Selfportrait-Averages

>> project 2003 - Selfportrait-Averages

>> Concept Selfportrait-Averages